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About Tom

  • Mount Pleasant Native

  • Married to Alison with 3 Sons

  • Member of Christ Church in Mount Pleasant

  • Bachelors from College of Charleston

  • Small Business Owner & Appraiser



“Having been born and raised here in District 110 as well as choosing to raise my family here, I am committed to preserving our Lowcountry values. I am eager to work on behalf of the residents of District 110 to protect our values I have grown up with and plan to preserve for future generations. I vow to be a representative for my district by being present, accessible, and your voice for the needs of District 110.”

Public Safety

Public Safety will be one of my top priorities. As your next State House Representative, I want to help look after the people of District 110 and Charleston County as a whole. I will support our first responders by helping allocate funds to provide the staff, training, and modern technology they need to perform effectively. All of our first responders are deserving of the best support we can provide, especially as our population continues to grow. Supporting such personnel as part of an overall goal of prioritizing public safety will help to ensure that our area is a safe and secure place to live and raise a family. 


Charleston County has experienced tremendous growth, and with that growth comes more traffic on our roads and bridges. Safe, reliable infrastructure should be a basic service provided to our citizens. As your voice in Columbia, I will fight to receive funding that is proportionate to the tax dollars we send to Columbia so we can repair our roads and bridges and address flooding and stormwater drainage issues. 


As a father of three sons, I understand that there are two things a parent needs when it comes to their child’s education: a voice and a choice. I will advocate for bringing the parent’s voice into the classroom so that every child in South Carolina receives a quality education. It is also time that we cut wasteful spending and ensure that money makes its way to the classroom. Advocating for you to ensure your voice is heard in your children’s education, and ensuring that more dollars are spent in the classroom will be some of my top priorities in Columbia.

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